Pak Khap Sam Tuan Waterfall น้ำตกปากคาบสามทวน

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.54.34 AM
Several years ago I wrote about this waterfall in this post. The location on the map is a guess based on elevation drops on Google Earth. Technically it’s in the Yod Dom Forest Reserve. They only had one old image of the waterfall, but last week it was filmed during a forest inspection by helicopter. It appears to be of similar size to Huai Luang and I remain hopeful that one day a hiking or driving path will be made to access it. This area is still very heavily mined according to military maps so I won’t be heading that way anytime soon.

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Huai Luang Waterfall During a Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm Vamco is passing over us right now. Check out how much water it’s brought to Ubon. Just a couple weeks ago it looked like this.


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Aerial Videos of Ubon

Below are a couple cool aerial videos of Ubon. One of the temples in the first video is actually in Sisaket though. Be sure to watch it in HD!



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The Best Thai Fried Rice & Kaprow in the Universe

I am not a cook, nor do I ever watch any of those cooking TV shows. But I have eaten a TON of Thai fried rice and kaprow over the years and this restaurant makes both dishes better than any restaurant I’ve ever been to. From $20 upscale restaurants in San Diego to 20b stands in Bangkok, nothing compares to Somruedee ร้านอาหารสมฤดี in Ubon. It’s been in the family for almost 4 decades so they’ve had time to perfect their food I guess. It’s directly across from Robinson on Chayangkun Rd. and is only open for a couple hours around noon and 6pm. Check it out.

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Drone Pics Around Ubon

A visiting friend brought his new Phantom 3 drone the other day and below are some pictures we took around Ubon. I wish we could have done nothing but fly his drone around for a week. I think I’ll have to make an investment.

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