The Best Thai Fried Rice & Kaprow in the Universe

I am not a cook, nor do I ever watch any of those cooking TV shows. But I have eaten a TON of Thai fried rice and kaprow over the years and this restaurant makes both dishes better than any restaurant I’ve ever been to. From $20 upscale restaurants in San Diego to 20b stands in Bangkok, nothing compares to Somruedee ร้านอาหารสมฤดี in Ubon. It’s been in the family for almost 4 decades so they’ve had time to perfect their food I guess. It’s directly across from Robinson on Chayangkun Rd. and is only open for a couple hours around noon and 6pm. Check it out.

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Drone Pics Around Ubon

A visiting friend brought his new Phantom 3 drone the other day and below are some pictures we took around Ubon. I wish we could have done nothing but fly his drone around for a week. I think I’ll have to make an investment.

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Ubon News Updates

A couple years ago I started an Ubon news thread on ThaiVisa that has taken off pretty well. I’ll continue using this blog for posts about the region but any brief news about Ubon I post on the above thread so that more people in the community can contribute.

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My Thai Air Scare

Exactly 1 year ago today, I flew Thai Air from Bangkok to Ubon and had the scariest moment I’ve ever had on a plane. It was an average sunny day coming into Ubon and I was peering out the window as always trying to identify places on the ground like my home. We had just crossed over Chayangkun Rd. and were about to touch down when the planes engines suddenly fired up and we began making a sharp climb; so much so I felt like I was going to puke. The pilot announced on the intercom that he had made a “decision to abort landing as a safety precaution” because of “another aircraft on the runway.” Nok Air and Air Asia were parked as you can see in the pic below so it had to of been the Air Force. I’ve heard the Air Force hopes one day the airport will be moved North of town. Maybe they’re getting anxious and trying to scare planes away!

Looking down on Ubon's Airport.

Looking down on Ubon’s Airport.

That's the Moon River emptying into the Mekong. We flew all the way to Laos to make our turn back to Ubon.

That’s the Moon River emptying into the Mekong. We flew all the way to Laos to make our turn back to Ubon.

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Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge #6 Scheduled to Begin Construction in Ubon

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 7.29.38 AM
Friendship Bridge #6 spanning the Mekong is scheduled to start construction this year in Ubon. It will cross the Mekong SE of Khemmarat in Amphoe Natan (นาตาล), Tambon Phalan (พะลาน). It should be somewhere around here. This is a project that was officially approved 2 years ago and construction should begin this year. If you look at a map of the region, you can see that this will significantly reduce the distance between Ubon and Danang, Vietnam which is the main reason for building the bridge according to news reports. It’s one of many ASEAN development projects to increase trade, etc, etc, etc… You can read more about it here and here.

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