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Pak Khap Sam Tuan Waterfall น้ำตกปากคาบสามทวน

Several years ago I wrote about this waterfall in this post. The location on the map is a guess based on elevation drops on Google Earth. Technically it’s in the Yod Dom Forest Reserve. They only had one old image … Continue reading

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Huai Luang Waterfall During a Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm Vamco is passing over us right now. Check out how much water it’s brought to Ubon. Just a couple weeks ago it looked like this.

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Aerial Videos of Ubon

Below are a couple cool aerial videos of Ubon. One of the temples in the first video is actually in Sisaket though. Be sure to watch it in HD!    

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The Best Thai Fried Rice & Kaprow in the Universe

I am not a cook, nor do I ever watch any of those cooking TV shows. But I have eaten a TON of Thai fried rice and kaprow over the years and this restaurant makes both dishes better than any … Continue reading

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Drone Pics Around Ubon

A visiting friend brought his new Phantom 3 drone the other day and below are some pictures we took around Ubon. I wish we could have done nothing but fly his drone around for a week. I think I’ll have … Continue reading

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