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Mt. Dew’s Accidental Marketing in Thailand

Have you noticed bright green bottles popping up all over the road in Thailand recently? A few months ago Mt. Dew officially came to Thailand; a guilty pleasure for this expat who grew up sneaking a bottle whenever possible. I … Continue reading

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Phang-Nga Vacation

My wife and I met and married in Phang-Nga so we go back there about every year. How can we not when it’s so ridiculously cheap to travel in this country? This time we also had visiting family from America … Continue reading

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Pro-Election Rallies in Pictures

The “Bangkok shutdown” was today and a large number of people came out for it. CNN estimated 50,000.¬†Others say less.¬†Protest leader Suthep suggested 180,000. Michael Yon estimated hundreds of thousands… World and national media focused most of their coverage on … Continue reading

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Rainy Season Pictures

Yes, I’m still alive. Life has happened. I did manage to find time to take a great hike along the cliffs east of Soi Sawan Waterfall and will post about the surprisingly easy trip from Sisaket to Angkor Wat soon. … Continue reading

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Visiting Yala – Part 3

This is the last post in my mini series about Yala. See Part 1 and Part 2. The Deep South of Thailand has some unique signs you don’t see around the rest of the country. Below are a few of … Continue reading

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