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Housing Developments in Ubon

Looking for a house or condo in Ubon? Below is a map of moobaans, subdivisions, condos and housing developments. This should be close to comprehensive. If you have any additions please comment. There are also web sites for a few … Continue reading

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Home Pro

Home Pro got its sign up yesterday and the new Central mall is coming along. They seem to be working on both 24/7. There is still no sign of a new overpass or anything. They will certainly need one.

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LASIK Surgery in Thailand

In June 2012 I had FemtoLASIK surgery done at the TRSC Lasik Center in Bangkok. I am in no way affiliated with them at all, but an extremely satisfied customer. I’m sure I could have done it on the cheap … Continue reading

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A Visit to Nakhon Phanom

We recently spent a week in Nakhon Phanom and as usual we were busy with work stuff but tried to squeeze in the sights whenever possible. One of the things that impressed me was what they’ve done along the river … Continue reading

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