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Soi Sawan Waterfall น้ำตกสร้อยสวรรค์

Soi Sawan Waterfall is in Pha Taem National Park and is my 2nd favorite waterfall in Ubon after Huai Luang. What makes it unique is that it’s easy to climb and has multiple falls, many of which are jumpable as … Continue reading

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You know you’re an American expat home from Thailand when…

– Your friends ask you, “How’s Taiwan?” – You drive up to an intersection and panic trying to remember which lane to turn into – You go to the local convenience store to get a drink and you stand waiting … Continue reading

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Journey to the Eastern Most Cliff in Thailand

There are several locations in Pha Taem National Park that claim to be the Eastern most cliff in Thailand and many Thai tourists travel there to see the sunrise but none of them are the real Eastern most cliff. The … Continue reading

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