Central Plaza Ubon Update


Central Plaza is on time for completion on April 5, 2013. Below are a few pictures I took and a few from the Thai forums. A Sizzler has been confirmed even though they denied it by email a few months ago. Liars. 🙂 There’s still no sign of construction of an overpass of any kind near the intersection of the ring road and Sapphasit Rd. Who’s ready for traffic chaos in Ubon?! For previous posts about this project click here.

Construction work continues to pop up all over the city. I’ll try to get out sometime in the next couple months to take some pictures of the progress and map it but I’ll be busy the next few weeks which means I’ll be posting some new waterfalls from my rainy season exploring trips last year. Yay!

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2 Responses to Central Plaza Ubon Update

  1. How says:

    Thanks for the update and roll on April…traffic chaos around the area for sure. But it will be nice to have a Central in this area. Didn’t they stop you entering the construction site ?

    • TR says:

      As I mentioned in the post, some pics come from the forum link. A worker has been posting the inside pictures to a Facebook page and they are shared in this forum.

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