Google Earth Updates in Isan

Lately I’ve noticed that Google has made some significant additions to satellite imagery in Isan. Most recently parts of Korat, Sisaket and Udon were added. You can see the most recent updates here. Udon Thani city’s imagery is now only from December 2, 2012. Ubon Ratchathani was also updated not long ago (with a nice cloud on top of the North end of the city). Some of the imagery previous to that was as old as 2001 so these are some great updates! Lotus actually exists on the map now. I’ve been comparing 2001 to 2012 and its very obvious that Ubon is growing east of Chayangkhun Rd. Below you can count at least 12 new moobaans and 3 under construction since 2001. Very little has changed to the West other than the Central Mall project and even the Wang Nong Reservoir area hasn’t changed much.

One very important note is that Google favors better imagery, not necessarily the newest. In Ubon you won’t see the newest imagery by default. In the bottom left corner of Google Earth, click on the year and a slider will appear at the top that allows you to adjust the date of imagery to a later date. This new imagery will not show up on your Google Maps apps; likely due to the large cloud over the city on the new data.

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