The Emerald Pool in Krabi

emerald pool krabi

We’ve been to most major tourist areas in Krabi but on our recent trip South we decided to check out a new place, “The Emerald Pool.” I’ve seen signs for it but never took time to check it out. It started off bad at the front gate. I’m used to being able to talk park rangers down from 200b to 100b or the Thai price of 30b to enter a park in the NE. There was absolutely no way they were going to budge here. Too many tourists.

You have the option of taking a 1,400m hike or an 800m hike to get to the Emerald Pool. I highly recommend the longer route on the way and the shorter route coming back. We saw quite a few insects, birds and a snake on the long hike. You can safely swim in the Emerald Pool. Not much further is the blue pool which was underwhelming but another nice hike. I don’t think I’d ever come here again unless in the area with nothing to do but it’s a nice one-time experience.

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  1. Harvie says:

    this place looks great, I cant believe I spent a whole year in Thailand, and I didn’t check out Krabi. Its on my list for later this year.

    Did you check any other beaches around Krabi, where would you suggest?

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