Thai Zebra Tarantula

I have arachnophobia so this is a tough post for me… When my family was visiting, my niece screamed when she found this spider below. It was up against our perimeter wall in the evening while we were kicking a ball around. Her scream quickly turned to delight as she had just finished studying tarantulas. We think it’s a Thai Zebra Tarantula. I asked around our neighbors and my wife’s village and nobody had ever seen one. A bunch of people who have spent their lives in rice fields have never seen one, but my little niece from rural America finds one. Go figure. 🙂


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3 Responses to Thai Zebra Tarantula

  1. dave says:

    Wouldn’t like to meet that thing. I bet its really poisonous too!

  2. Eric Nelson says:

    Since moving here 2 years ago, I started looking for local fauna that could hurt me, aside from the obvious snakes. I found in my research that tarantulas here are different from New World varieties in that they don’t have the ability to flick off their hairs to irritate predators etc, so they instead have a bad temper and are aggressive. Esp. these guys.
    Like all spiders they’re venomous but not fatal. I’ve no interest in picking one up, or keeping as pets but do find them kinda interesting from afar. I think there’s a greater chance of running into a centipede here (although I haven’t) and I’m more fearful of an encounter w/them as their bite is really painful according to reports I’ve read.

    • TR says:

      I’ve seen loads of big centipiedes over the years. Be careful when you pick up bricks and such out of grass. I haven’t seen anyone get bit by one but everyone says it’s nasty.

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