2014 Children’s Day at Wing 21 วันเด็กอุบลราชธานี


Today is children’s day across Thailand. The main attraction are the military bases opening to the public. In Ubon, the big event is at the Air Force base; Wing 21. Last year’s show was more exciting. For some reason the jets weren’t doing any stunts and only made a handful of passes. Even the F16 that flew in from Korat only made a couple passes and no stunts. But much fun was had by many families, including my own. We stayed just long enough to see the air show and mock battle, but made a quick exit as the heat and crowds were becoming too much.

IMG_7459 IMG_7456 IMG_7452 IMG_7437 IMG_7429 IMG_7438 IMG_7445 IMG_7424


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  1. Col. Dan says:

    Nice-Thanks for the update. I had to leave early to Orlando and was planning to attend. Be back on the 5th of Feb. Nice report- 🙂

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