Mt. Dew’s Accidental Marketing in Thailand


Have you noticed bright green bottles popping up all over the road in Thailand recently? A few months ago Mt. Dew officially came to Thailand; a guilty pleasure for this expat who grew up sneaking a bottle whenever possible. I don’t know if Thais enjoy the taste but they sure enjoy using the bright green bottles as reflectors. Go ahead and stand out on your street. I bet at least 1 out of the next 5 trucks you see has the green bottles hanging off the back. I’ve even seen food stalls start using them to draw attention to their business and our nearby junk yard is making a separate pile of them for resale. So is it accidental or clever marketing? Whatever it is, it’s working.

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2 Responses to Mt. Dew’s Accidental Marketing in Thailand

  1. MeMock says:

    Yes, I noticed that when I was last in Thailand in Jan/Feb. Great for Mountain Dew! Just goes to show how people are like sheep and how trends develop.

    • TR says:

      I kind of doubt many people are actually drinking it for enjoyment. Probably buy a few just to put on the vehicle!

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