Lotus Exchange Rate

If you use a foreign credit card at Lotus like I do, here’s a pro tip to save a little money. They have started asking if you want to pay in Thai Baht or your home currency. This is a recent change I think. I’ve never been asked in the last decade nor have I ever seen one of these signs pictured below in Lotus. I’ve checked the difference between paying THB vs USD at the point of sale at other businesses in the past and paying in THB has been cheaper 100% of the time. I would assume it would be the same for other currencies. I think it has to do with the difference between an offshore and onshore exchange rate. IMG_9234

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  1. MeMock says:

    I think it is a rort. Some airlines do it as well. You are correct about the onshore off shore thing. Always pay it in the Thai currency. Don;t let the company you are shopping at set the exchange rate.

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