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This week Cambodia started excavating near the border of Ubon which prompted the Thai military to bring in extra troops to the area. This is East of Preah Vihear Temple on the far edge of Khao Phra Wihan National Park. According to the Bangkok Post, Cambodia was planning to build a casino there and has since brought in more military to the area. According to the Phnom Penh Post, the Cambodia military has not moved into the area and has no plans to build a casino. They blame “the neighboring country” for escalating things and said there were unconfirmed reports that some shooting has already begun. After a quiet border for an extended period, it looks like the chances of Preah Vihear opening on the Thai side remain indefinite.

The Bangkok Post graphic above shows where soldiers are stationed. I’m not sure if new soldiers were actually sent there or not. If you go to the Yod Dom nature reserve office, they have a 3D topographical map and they can show you exactly where soldiers are stationed all the time. There is a waterfall back in there called Pak Khap Sam Tuan Waterfall นำ้ตกปากคาบสามทวน (นำ้ตกประคาบสาม) that is supposed to be amazing but the chances of ever getting there in the near future are highly unlikely as long as these border disputes continue.

In other unrelated news, it sounds like the Thai military has been giving the Cambodian soldiers some expensive clay pigeon fun with drones.

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