Ubon Air Force Base and Thailand Stock Footage

I was searching online for some info about the battles in the Chong Bok Mountains on the border of Ubon and came across some interesting stock footage from Ubon Ratchathani’s Air Force Base. A few of my favorite links are below but once at the site you can search for others. What’s shocking from the first video is just how many trees were in Ubon! Do you have any links to more stock footage?

Landing at Ubon Airbase
RF-4C Aircraft
RF-101C Aircraft
F-4D Phantom Jet firing laser guided missiles

There is also some interesting footage of HM the King in New York City and President Johnson visiting Bangkok which can be seen here. A couple more interesting videos from Thailand are below.

B-29 Bombers destroy Rama 8 bridge in WW2
Survival kit for jungle

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8 Responses to Ubon Air Force Base and Thailand Stock Footage

  1. jeff williams says:


  2. Curtis M Brooks MOS 32834 71/75

    37 Loraine Dr Montgomery, AL 36108-1905

    Wifes name: Clara G

    Sorry could not find a phone number
    I was at Ubon 66/67

    • Tom G. Stimmel Sgt. E-4 USAF Ubon, 01/03/67-01/03/68. says:

      Oliver, I was also @ Ubon during VN. I have read about the sapper attacks in
      69′ & 70′. As I was a security police augmentee @ Ubon , I’m sorry I missed
      the fight.
      I wasn’t aware that there were that many of you Army guys at Ubon. I did
      have an Army buddy at a transmission station across the river from Ubon who
      we mutually supported each other in some recovery work.
      Please let me hear from you, Gary Stimmel.

  3. Peter D Hipson says:

    I’m looking for two people from Ubon, 73-74 time period. Both in the 1982 Comm Sq radio shop.

    Charles (Chuck) Haynes and
    Robert (Bob) Farrow

    Both were from the Boston area, IIRC.

  4. MSGT Howard Smith Call Gomer at the VFW says:

    I was Ubon Feb 1st 1967 to Feb 14 1968 Worked at Det3 621st TCS q
    I was first enlisted man to enter the radio building .
    I am now 87 years old and still battleing with VA
    IF anyone knows information of agent ornge I could use some help

    I am the only man Livimg with the men Iworked wirh and U am in Heart Failure and have been for 29 years

    hope you are having better thanks

  5. Madison taylor says:

    Am looking for Sgt KNEELY who was k9 police I believe 71 .my spelling could be off. . also I am trying to appeal an agent orange claim for my brother who was security police in the USAF in 71 . . any help would be appreciated need pictures and contacts . my brother is Rick TINGLEY…thank you

  6. Tsgt Aguilar,Hector USAF RET. says:

    IM looking for Sgt Frazier USAF we were assigned to Supply SQ.
    Super Bees from 1971-1972 Ubon,Thailand.

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