I love waterfalls. Swimming, jumping, climbing and searching for them. Below is a list of waterfalls in the Ubon region and beyond. If you have any additions or corrections, please comment.

Ubon Ratchathani Waterfalls

Sisaket Waterfalls

Laos Waterfalls

Other Waterfalls

4 Responses to Waterfalls

  1. david cunningham says:

    l would like to know if there is a good waterfall around sisakett. l will be staying there for 3 weeks with thai wife and would love to see some good waterfall. appreciate any imformation thankyou dave

    ps MeMock from thaivisa gave me you site

  2. Daniel says:

    Obviously you cannot list every waterfall in Thailand but the Erawan waterfall in Kanchanaburi and the one in sai yok noi are also worth to be mentioned

    • TR says:

      I know of Erawan but haven’t had the chance to go there yet. Nearly all the waterfalls I’ve visited are in the area around Ubon where I live.

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