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Rainy Season Pictures

Yes, I’m still alive. Life has happened. I did manage to find time to take a great hike along the cliffs east of Soi Sawan Waterfall and will post about the surprisingly easy trip from Sisaket to Angkor Wat soon. … Continue reading

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Soi Sawan Waterfall Birding Hike

A few days ago I went on a birding trip with a friend to Soi Sawan Waterfall in Pha Taem National Park. I am not a birder. For me it’s in the same category as fishing; I grow impatient if … Continue reading

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Google Earth Updates in Isan

Lately I’ve noticed that Google has made some significant additions to satellite imagery in Isan. Most recently parts of Korat, Sisaket and Udon were added. You can see the most recent updates here. Udon Thani city’s imagery is now only … Continue reading

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Ubon Square (อุบลสแควร์) Development Near Big C

Big changes are happening all around Big C in Ubon thanks to the “Ubon Square” (อุบลสแควร์) development directly South of the store. All the restaurants that used to be there have been moved to the East side of Big C and … Continue reading

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How to drive from Isan to Sukhumvit 50 (On Nut BTS)

Driving into Bangkok gives me an adrenaline rush. Big city. Big buildings. Fast motorcycles. Important motorcades. It’s a fun experience, unless your wife accidentally gives you Tylenol PM instead of regular Tylenol. True story! In this post I’ll describe how … Continue reading

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